Food Processing Waste Management

Food Processing Waste Management

Treatment And Utilization Technology


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“Food Processing Waste Management : Treatment and Utilization Technologies” is a reference-cum-text book written in crisp and scientifically authentic language for teachers, scientists, researchers, students, industry managers, as well as all those who have a stake in food processing wastes management and utilization. It presents the latest information on the problems of wastes generated from various food industries. The contents have been divided into 14 s namely; Food Processing Industrial Wastes– Present Scenario, Impact of Food Industrial Waste on Environment, Grain Processing Wastes Management, Waste Utilization – Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry, Milk and Dairy Wastes Management, Meat Processing Wastes Management, Fish Processing Wastes Management, Spices and Condiments Industrial Wastes Management, Sugar and Jaggery Industrial Wastes Management, Fruit Kernel and Oilseed Processing Wastes Management, Utilization of Waste from Food Fermentation Industry, Food Processing Waste Treatment Technology, Hospitality Industry Wastes Management and Future Wastes Management – Nanotechnology. All the segments of Food Industry have been dealt with separately by specialists with respect to their wastes management technology. Special emphasis has been laid on the potential methods of utilization of the wastes for recovery of useful products and a supplementary means of checking pollution by their profitable utilization and disposal. The profitable utilization of the food industrial wastes would not only fetch extra profits to the industry but would also reduce the pollution load in the environment. The special feature of the book is that it covers different developments made right from the basic technologies generated for wastes management to the recent advancements and future areas of research to be done on the subject. Under undergraduate and post-graduate degree or diploma programmes of food science, food technology and postharvest Technology, fermentation technology, waste management as a subject is taught in almost all the agricultural universities in India as well as abroad .The book is expected to be very useful to the students of these disciplines. It is hoped that the treatise would be of immense value to all and would certainly open an insight into food waste management technology in the fast growing food processing industry.